How to create e-CAN or Electronic CAN to transact online in mutual funds?

  1. Amit Srivastava 2 months ago

    This is a great step by MFU indeed. The barrier-of-entry to investing just got a whole lot reduced!

  2. JMP 2 months ago

    After uploading documents in the link provided by MFU, will i receive an email from MFU stating that my documents have been verified & CAN has been confirmed?

    I am asking because you have mentioned this in your above post…
    Remember: You can not immediately start to transact online once you get your CAN. In about 2 to 8 working hours, the MFU team will verify all details and confirm your CAN number. You can transact after this confirmation.

    • Author
      Vipin Khandelwal 2 months ago

      Yes. that’s correct. You will receive a confirmation message from MFU.

      • JMP 2 months ago

        I have filled up the required data and submitted the documents required for e-CAN creation on 09/12/2016. I have been allotted a provisional CAN but since then I have not received any confirmation message from MFU. When I logged in to the MFU website to check my e-CAN status, it shows…

        Data submission status – DATA SUCCESSFULLY INSERTED
        CAN Status – Pending
        Data issues – No data issues

        I have mentioned Unovest RIA code while filling up the data. Please guide…

        • Author
          Vipin Khandelwal 2 months ago

          Dear Jose
          We have followed up with MFU and will get back with an update. Can you separately email to us the provisional CAN you have received? thank you

  3. JMP 2 months ago

    Sure. Email ID?

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